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September 2, 2009

I am in Boston, teaching an Intermediate / Advanced After Effects class.  We had our Open House yesterday evening, and what a success it was.  I had a great time going over Photoshop, After Effects, PPro, Encore and SoundBooth with the people that came to see the new FMC Boston Office.  I also had the chance to meet lots and lots of new people last night, what a treat!If you get a chance, the office is in Cambridge, and it is really beautiful – Everything is brand new here!

Will be updating my podcasts very soon.  If you have a specific request, let me know!



July 3rd, 2009

What a great last 2 weeks I have had!  I went to Florida where I taught After Effects for a whole week – I met a very bright and talented lady, that I am sure will go very far in her After Effects journey!

I also presented for the InDesign users group – this was really good, even though I was late (got lost in Orlando’s I4 exits!).  Great group of people that I have had the pleasure of visiting twice.

Then I had the open house at Future Media Concepts – I presented my “Flash Website in 30 Minutes” program to another group of great people.

After a half a day home, I went to Philadelphia to teach Captivate.  Future Media Concepts’ office in Philadelphia is really nice – so I had a blast!  Visited with friends, had great students, ate great food – what else can I ask for?

Today is July 3rd, and in celebration of our Country’s Independence,  I will stop blogging, stop working and celebrate!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!



June 20, 2009

It took 8 days of classes, over a year of preparing (reading, studying, practicing), 2 tough exams, and lots  of work – but I am now a Certified Final Cut Pro Instructor.

All last week I have been taking Train The Trainer classes at Future Media Concepts in Washington DC.  My instructor, Abba Shapiro, was WONDERFUL.  I cannot say enough good things about him.  If you get a chance to go to one of his classes or lectures, you owe it yourself to go!  Abba is a real pro and I learned tons with him!!

I will continue my own personal development, as well as continue teaching all of the applications that I am certified to teach.

Have a great (wet!) weekend!!!



June 11, 2009

I have had a busy day today.  I edited and encoded several videos, some of which ended up in my podcasts.  I have a couple of presentations coming up in Orlando, FL

One of them is for the InDesign Users Group:

I will be presenting “Entry Level After Effects, its capabilities and how it interfaces will other CS4 applications”
This is for Tue, June 23, 2009, starting at 6:00 PM

The other one is the very next day – It is at Future Media Concepts:

Adobe Open House – June 24

Starting at 6:00 PM

If you can make it, I sincerely hope to see you at one of those


I will be posting from time to time things like documents, articles and new techniques.  I will also post where and when I will be, just in case you’d like to see me in person.

May 26, 2009:
I am in the process of authoring the class notes for my sessions at NAB.  I have some of them done, and if you’d like to see them, please click here

I will be posting my podcast “How to create a Flash website in 30 minutes” very soon.

If there is a specific topic that you’d like to see posted here, please email me.

Some of the class notes for my NAB sessions are now up on my website.
You can find them here:

The notes include:

  • After Effects Boot Camp
  • Premiere Pro Boot Camp
  • Mastering the After Effects Timeline
  • After Effects with Final Cut Pro
  • OnLocation
  • Metadata-Enabled Workflows
  • Making Videos Searchable on the Web – This one includes template files!
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